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Kozak - Made in USA since 1926
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Brand Overview

Patented and exclusively made in the USA since 1926, the KozaK DryWash Cloth is the only safe, easy and GREEN way to clean and polish your car or your furniture without scratching and without water!

The KozaK Cloth is totally GREEN, completely dry, and uses absolutely no water, sprays or solvents. The KozaK Cloth will save you hundreds of dollars annually plus thousands of gallons of water, and will never pollute our environment.

The KozaK Auto DryWash Cloth is guaranteed to clean and polish the average Mercedes sized car at least 50 times or more, and will usually last a year in average use.

Features & Benefits

Unlike micro fibre cloths which are made of plastic, and can scratch or leave swirl marks, the KozaK cloth is made completely from the softest 100% all American cotton.

The KozaK Auto DryWash Cloth traps all the dirt, dust and grime inside the cloth’s fibres, keeping it away from the surface so it will never scratch. It is safe for all finishes.

Use it on your car or furniture to clean and gently polish the finish beautifully, saving you hundreds of dollars in wet wash costs annually, plus returning many thousands of dollars in value later when you decide to trade-in or sell.

Used regularly, your car or furniture will look spotlessly clean, brighter, shinier and almost showroom new for just a few cents daily. Learn more >